Professional Programmer & Designer.

Currently based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I'm 23 years old. I got connected to the internet for the first time when I was 13, & instantly went about teaching myself how to build websites, how to program, & how to create graphics in Photoshop. My adventures have spanned the web, servers, databases, mobile devices, cryptography, & networking.

I speak a few human languages, like English & Arabic, & even more computer languages, like C, JavaScript, & SQL. Besides my day job, I'm always working on something on the side. I get too many crazy ideas that I just can't resist not exploring them. I enjoy working on communication tools. Till this day, I find it fascinating to be able to type a character on one device & seeing it magically appear on some other device elsewhere in the world. Communication tools form the essence of a lot of things we use daily, such as loading a webpage — your browser & the server talk to each other to make it happen.

I love it because it allows me to work across several disciplines:

  • Networking, for transport
  • Security, for privacy & confidentiality
  • Storage, for storing & managing the data
  • Design, for both GUIs & data.

Last, but not least, it's the pure excitement of allowing machines & people to remotely connect & communicate.