Ali Razzouk

Professional Programmer & Designer

I taught myself how to program when I was 15 years old. Computers & technology are my passion. When I started exploring the iPhone as a platform in 2009, I fell in love, & I've been building apps for iOS ever since & I recently started Android development as well. I've also done web design & development (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript). On the server side, I taught myself server technologies such as Erlang, PHP (Zend), MySQL, & working with Apache, as well as Nginx.

My Works


Nightboard is a directory that uses your Bluetooth to connect you with the people around you. Nightboard has a different philosophy compared to the other social services. It’s not about connecting you with people on the other side of the planet. It’s about connecting you with the people you’re actually around. You can’t just go ahead & add someone unless you’ve actually been around them somewhere. (App Store Link)


MetroMate is an iPhone app that helps commuters plan their journeys on the Dubai Metro. I worked on it in collaboration with Diana Hassanova, & it earned us a certificate of appreciation from the Roads & Transport Authority of Dubai & was even featured on Dubai One TV! I ended up making an Android version of it as well. (App Store Link)

Scapes Messenger

All the messaging apps look the same. They all behave the same way, too. Scapes was my take at creating a messenger that was fundamentally different from everything else out there. The backend was written in Erlang (which is what WhatsApp uses) because it can scale & handle millions of people online at the same time. It was an opportunity for me to get my feet wet in Erlang for the first time. (App Store Link)


24:60 is a clock that counts down every day. You start at 24:60, then count down rather than start at 00:00 & count up. See how many hours & minutes are left till the day is over. Keep it in your phone's dock, look at it every day, & decide if you've made use of your time today. (App Store Link)


Wouldn't it be great if you could find the definition of any word in the English language simply by taking a photo of it? Well, that's exactly what Fingereader does! Never have to type another word again to find out what it means. I built this before anybody had even heard of World Lens, so it looked pretty cool back then.


Tipbox is tip sharing, reinvented for your iPhone. It's an ever-growing collection of short, simple & personal tips, posted by people from their everyday experiences on anything you can think of. From photography, technology, & lifestyle, to travel, places, & must-have apps, Tipbox makes it easier to discover & share tips that are actually useful. I worked with Abdullah Khan on Tipbox as well.


This was my first true Mac application. Shelf helps Apple developers organize all their Xcode projects in one place. It automatically creates a proper directory structure & organizes all your classes, images, NIBs, & other resources in their own folders, with their respective groups created inside Xcode as well.

Social Discussions

A web-based, organized, social discussion platform I worked on with Abdullah Khan back in 2011. We also built a mobile web version of it optimized for mobile devices. It ended up winning first place at the National IT Marathon at UAE University.

Icon for The Dubai Mall

I designed this icon for The Dubai Mall. It was only a proposal & was not used.

Trip Planner

This is a closeup of an icon I made for a trip planner. Sadly, the idea got scrapped.

I'm also a supercar fanatic. The closest I can get to these beautiful machines is by drawing them out. Here are some of my hand drawings (click to see the full size).

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