Welcome! Scapehouse is a dialogue platform for groups, except you don't have to create or manage the groups yourself. Instead, Scapehouse automatically detects when you connect with a group of people who all know each other and creates a private space for each group to talk.

Let there be light!

Sometime during the summer last year, I got the idea of a service that automatically detects cliques of people (groups of people who all know each other) and then creates a private conversation space for each clique. I also added a public conversation space (affectionately called "the living room") that was more or less inspired by how much I enjoy spending time on geographic subreddits and in public places in general like cafés and parks. As you can probably tell, the site is quite barebones at the moment, but I'm putting it online anyway.

Registration will be open for a while so anyone can try it out, but I /might/ limit it to invite-only after that. New people would only be able to join via an invite link from an existing member. I'd rather slowly grow this project without it spiralling into a mess of spammers and bad content, and based on past experience, invite-only membership leads to a healthier community and less toxic posts (at least for the time being). There are no moderators in the living room right now; as such there are a few rules you're expected to abide by: don't spam or troll; be decent. Make sure to check out the community guidelines for the full list (https://about.scapehouse.com/community). I also made a dedicated subreddit for this project where anyone can post feedback and others can chime in.

You can only make new threads in your own country's living room, but you can reply to threads in other countries. We're starting out with just one living room right now for everyone in the UK and a few more countries will be added soon. Threads currently don't show who the OP is, so if you feel like you want people to know who you are, sign your thread with your name at the bottom (like I'm doing in this thread). If you think this is a bad idea, feel free to voice your feedback on https://reddit.com/r/scapehouse or use the site's contact form!

Oh, and a few more things: the project is still in its infancy, and as an early adopter, expect weird things to happen sometimes. With no access to a Windows machine, I didn't test the site out on Microsoft Edge. I still haven't added the ability to delete your own content, so whatever you post will stay up here until the delete function is ready.

Ask your friends to join and add you, then you'd get to have your own, private conversation spaces. Hope you enjoy spending time here!

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